Researcher Project Title
De Floriani, Leila
  • III: Small: Geospatial Data Representation and Analysis through the Stellar Decomposition
  • Open-Source Deep Learning Classification and Visualization of Multi-Temporal Multi-Source Satellite Data
  • CGV:Small:Modeling and Analysis of Multidimensional Shapes
  • A Multi-scale Approach to Modeling and Visualization
Oshan, Taylor
  • Indicators and Predictors of Dynamic Travel Demand for Transport Disruption Mitigation
  • The Measurement of Scale Through Local Multivariate Statistical Models
  • Multiscale Spatial Dimensions of Obesity Rate Determinants
Stewart, Kathleen 
  • Genomic and geospatial analyses of malaria parasite migration to inform elimination
  • Geospatial analytics to support NDEWS (National Drug Early Warning Systems) at the University of Maryland
  • Fusing Social Media Data with Big Mobile Device Data as a New Foundation for Travel Behavior Analysis
  • Myanmar Regional Center of Excellence for Malaria Research, Satellite and Geospatial Modeling of Malaria Risk
  • Understanding the role of land cover / land use nexus in malaria transmission under changing socio-economic climate in Myanmar
  • Evidence to Action for Malaria Elimination in Myanmar
  • Data Analytics and Modeling Methods for Tracking and Predicting Origin-Destination Travel Trends Based on Mobile Device Data
  • Technical Support for Freight Demand and ITS Analysis Phase 1: Long-Haul Truck Parking Demand in Maryland
  • Improved Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Estimation on Non Federal Aid System Roadways
  • Analyzing Travelers' Response to Difference Active Traffic Management (ATM) Technologies
  • Geospatial Mapping and Access to Cancer Screening Services in Nigeria, a Low and Middle Income Country (LMIC)
  • Understanding the context of unintended acceleration: An engineering analysis
Xie, Yiqun  
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