Name Email Location & Phone
Leila De Floriani De Floriani, Leila
Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences and UMIACS
deflo [at] umiacs.umd.edu LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4391
Taylor Oshan Oshan, Taylor
Assistant Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences
toshan [at] umd.edu 1129 Lefrak Hall
Kathleen Stewart Stewart, Kathleen
CGIS Director, Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences
stewartk [at] umd.edu 1125 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-3203
Yiqun Xie Xie, Yiqun
Assistant Professor
xie [at] umd.edu
Name Email Location & Phone
Micah Brachman Brachman, Micah
brachman [at] umd.edu 1111A LeFrak
(301) 405-5947
Ruibo Han Han, Ruibo
CGIS Director of Programs, Senior Lecturer, MPS GEOINT Program
ruibo [at] umd.edu 1111B Lefrak Hall
(301) 314-1343
Headshot of Dr. Rejanne Le Bivic (She has on glasses, a blue jacket and is standing in front of a river) Le Bivic, Rejanne
rlebivic [at] umd.edu 2178 LeFrak Hall
Dr. Lim Lim, Eunjung Elle
Assistant Research Professor & MPSGIS Associate Director
elim [at] umd.edu 1167 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-8419
Jack Ma Ma, Jack (Jianguo)
Lecturer & MPS Program Director
jma3 [at] umd.edu 2181F LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-3861
Dr. Resop Resop, Jonathan
Senior Lecturer
resop [at] umd.edu 1137 LeFrak Hall
Naijun Zhou Zhou, Naijun
Lecturer, Department of Geographical Sciences
njzhou [at] umd.edu 1159 LeFrak Hall