The Center for Geospatial Information Science (CGIS) is an Academic Partner of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).  The USGIF is a worldwide leader in promoting the geospatial intelligence tradecraft across the defense, intelligence, and academic communities and the only organization dedicated to promoting geospatial intelligence tradecraft in the USA.  


Our Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence program is accredited by USGIF. USGIF's accreditation of collegiate Geospatial Intelligence Certificate Programs awards us the ability to offer students GEOINT certificates accompanying a UMD graduate certificate. The University of Maryland is one of the 15 accredited schools in the USA. Students in our GEOINT program benefit from our partnership with USGIF through expanded access to cutting-edge technologies and tradecraft best practices as well as new opportunities to build a diverse professional network.

The accreditated program ensures that current hiring needs are reflected in cross-disciplinary classroom coursework. A USGIF GEOINT Certificate proves to hiring organizations that the holder is ready to work in the GEOINT Community. Students know that the GEOINT certificate ensures they have the skills to start working in the ever-expanding, global GEOINT Community.









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