Study Plan

MPS and GCPS GEOINT are offered in spring/fall/summer/winter quarter terms. This 12-week long quarter system allows working professionals or part-time students to concentrate on 1 or 2 courses in a short period, which contributes to better course performance. 

Schedule for the next academic year is as follows:

Fall Term 2017 
First Day of Classes8/28/2017 (Monday)
Labor Day9/4/2017 (Monday)
Last Day of Classes11/17/2017 (Friday)
Winter Term 2018 
First Day of Classes11/27/2017 (Monday)
Winter Break12/25/17 - 1/1/18 (Monday - Monday)
Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday1/15/2018 (Monday)
Last Day of Classes2/16/2018 (Friday)
Spring Term 2018 
First Day of Classes2/26/2018 (Monday)
Spring Break3/18/18 - 3/25/18 (Sunday - Sunday)
Last Day of Classes5/18/2018 (Friday)
Summer Term 2018 
First Day of Classes5/29/2018 (Tuesday)
Independence Holiday7/4/2018 (Wednesday)
Last Day of Classes8/17/2018 (Friday)

Students have the options to study full-time or part-time, or skip a quarter semester due to work or family reasons. It is recommended that students take at least two courses in a regular Spring and Fall semester sequence: MPS GEOINT will require at least five semesters to complete, and GCPS GEOINT will require at least two semesters. The tables below provide a guidance on which courses are offered in each Term and example plans of courses to take each term for full-time students who are willing to graduate in five semesters.

 Courses and Study Plans (Click to open)


The schedule of courses offered in Fall 2017:

Geog661 Fundamentals of GEOINT
W 530-8pm LEC LEF1121
H 530-8pm LAB  LEF1121
8/28 - 11/17 (12 week)
Geog662 Advances in GIS and RS
M 530-8pm LEC LEF 1106
T 530-8pm LAB LEF 1106
8/28 - 11/17 (12 week)
Geog686 Mobile GIS and Social Computing
W 530-8pm LEC LEF 1106
H 530-8pm LAB LEF 1106
8/28 - 11/17 (12 week)