Virtual Workshop: Geospatial Needs for Environmental Justice | May 21, 2021 | 11:00AM - 5:10PM EDT

The Mapping Science Committee will be hosting a virtual workshop that will explore how geospatial data can be used to analyze and mitigate social inequalities and the social and community ties to environmental health and justice. You can register to attend the discussion on how to leverage geospatial technologies to inform environmental health decisions and steps for moving forward to address the societal challenge of environmental justice.

Our own Dr. Kathleen Stewart will be moderating Session 2: Social and Community Determinants of Environmental Health and Justice. This session will highlight how to use geospatial analysis and modeling techniques to understand and assess disparities in exposure to environmental conditions and consequent health, social and economic outcomes among social groups in our communities.


Slide with Text: May 21st at 11:00am-5:10pm EDT. "Geospatial Need For Environmental Justice"