Name Email Location & Phone
Headshot of Noel Dyer Dyer, Noel
Doctoral Student
ndyer [at]
Picture Iddings, Kelli
PhD student; Teaching Assistant
kiddings [at] Suite 300, River Road
Yao Li Li, Yao
Doctoral Student
liyao [at] LeFrak 1124
Liao_Selfie Liao, Mengyu
Doctoral student
myuliao [at] 4600 River Rd.
half photo Liu, Zheng
Doctoral Student
zliu1208 [at] LeFrak Hall 1124
Natalie Memarsadeghi Memarsadeghi, Natalie nmemar [at]
Headshot of Jeffery Sauer Sauer, Jeffery
PhD Student
jcsauer [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall
Yunting Song Song, Yunting ytsong [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall
Zhiyue Xia Xia, Zhiyue-Luna
Doctoral Student
zyxia [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall
Xin Xu Xu, Xin
Doctoral Student
xinxu629 [at] LeFrak Hall 1124
Guimin Zhu Headshot Zhu, Guimin
Doctoral Student
gmzhu [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall