Geographers study some of the most serious problems facing human kind: environmental degradation, unequal distribution of resources, global warming, and international conflicts. The Geographical Sciences Department offers a variety of courses in GIS for graduate students to take during the Fall/Spring semesters. Graduate Courses in GIS are also offered online and in person during the Winter/Summer inter-semesters.

Course Descriptions

GEOG670: Open Source GIS

An exploration of techniques for using Free and Open Source Software for GIS (FOSS4g) from conception to final presentation of results. Advanced concepts and techniques including enterprise GIS, spatial SQL, parallel processing, and displaying the results of GIS analysis over the Internet will also be covered.

GEOG 788M: Selected Topics in Geography

The topic of this course is dependent on the faculty member teaching it. Check-in on Testudo each semester to see what topics are being covered. 

Upcoming Course Offerings


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