Sample Area (Washington DC)

Geospatial information and technologies are widely accepted as a key element in the machines and systems that we build, interact with, and rely upon. They have significant reach into our lives, helping us to navigate and understand our world, do our jobs, organize our events, manage our tasks, and inform our decisions. Geospatial information and technologies are rapidly expanding into new corners of our everyday experience, and there is an increasing need to include geospatial perspectives in ongoing research as well as educate a new geospatial workforce. Maryland is particularly well positioned to play a strong role in geospatial research and education given the long heritage of innovating in the development and application of geographic information systems for public, government, and commercial uses, and where many geospatial technology companies and organizations have built a home and a community. The Center for Geospatial Information Science (CGIS) at the University of Maryland is focused on supporting the development of next-generation geospatial information science. We aim to enrich undergraduate and graduate education, by pioneering innovative research capabilities using geospatial technologies. We especially welcome opportunities for collaboration. In the strong tradition of innovation and leadership at the University of Maryland, our efforts are directed towards a future-forward geospatial information science and computational approaches that can expand the reach of geospatial information and these important technologies.



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