Director's Welcome

The students, faculty, and staff at the Center for Geospatial Information Science (CGIS) at the University of Maryland all share a similar enthusiasm when it comes to our mission to shape the next-generation of geospatial information science. We are interested in not only contributing new theory to our field of geographic information science, but taking these theories and applying them in order to make the strongest impact in a wide range of application areas. We use creativity and innovation to explore ideas that are otherwise extremely challenging, for example, working in multi-dimensional spaces, and on time-varying and massive datasets, problems that have exceptional computational needs, complexity, or impact, often involving processes that are extraordinarily complex. These are the problems that are the most satisfying, where entirely new solutions are needed. This makes the CGIS an exciting place to be. We interact with many researchers and organizations, collaborate on a wide range of projects, and offer an exciting online Masters and Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence. Please contact us to discuss any collaboration or consider a visit and meet the Center's talented students, postdoctoral researchers and staff, and discuss how we can work together. 



Kathleen Stewart, Director