Dr. Lim earned a Ph.D degree in Geography (GIS specialty) from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Her dissertation is about methodology detecting a sequence of changes in dynamic spatiotemporal data and investigating patterns of detected changes. In her dissertation she dealt emergency vehicle location and allocation strategies coping with time-varying emergency 911 calls. Her specialty is geographic information sciences. In the realm of GIS, she has developed special interest and knowledge in GIS modeling, programming, network analysis, and spatial statistics. She has about 12 years of experience developing software using Java, C, C++, Visual Basic and relational databases. She is very interested in designing and developing new functionalities in GIS that provide abilities to make users perform tasks that they even haven't thought they can do with geographical knowledge.


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    Identification of sequential changes and investigation of change patterns in dynamic spatiotemporal data,Department of Geography, SUNY at Buffalo, 2009
Dr. Lim
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